Sunday, 24 April 2011

Steven Spielburg, Sam Peckinpah and the exploding Steam Powered Mechanical Robot Squirrel

It was hot and sunny again today although after my diary entry yesterday which I did while it was hot and sunny it suddenly poured with rain that was a surprise. We had lots of thunder then loads of rain then it all stopped. It appears it was dads fault with his rain machine.

He said he had sorted the problems from the day before and so yesterday afternoon he tried it again in the garden and it worked really well, which it did but he said he made one small mistake. One thing he hadn’t thought about because it has been so warm and sunny lately is that a rain machine needs to be waterproof and so when it rained it fused all the electrics on the rain machine. That explains why it was such a short thunder storm. He has been tinkering with it today but as it is still warm and sunny we are assuming he has not got it working again yet.

Mr Jenkins decided that he was going to get rid of the squirrel singing Tiptoe Through The Tulips because it was not only pinching all the birds food but it was trying to teach Fluffy the Cat to sing the song too. And both of them singing Tiptoe Through The Tulips in harmony or not in harmony as he put it was to much to bare. But he forgot about dads advice to use his airgun to shot the Steam Powered Mechanical Robot Squirrel so when he did it exploded, it was a very large explosion for a small squirrel and poor old Fluffy the Cat who was still in the tree singing fainted and fell onto Mrs Jenkins head. It is true what they say about cats they do land on their feet even when they have fainted and they even have an automatic claw reflex to cling onto things. Normally this is very useful but not in the case of Mrs Jenkins’s head and so she screamed very loudly. Mr Jenkins did try and help by removing Fluffy the Cat but he was distracted by Mrs Jenkins hitting over the head with the super-steam boiler and part of the mechanical mechanism of the exploded squirrel.

The dog was quite pleased that the squirrel has exploded as he said the song was driving him demented but all the other Stream Powered Mechanical Robot Squirrels are insisting on a proper funeral and they say it is only fitting that we all sing his favourite song, even the dog and Mr Jenkins before his remains are scattered in the appropriate recycling bins. that’s the remains of the Steam Powered Mechanical Robot Squirrel not Mr Jenkins or the dog.

By the way we would all like to point out that no animals were hurt during the writing of the diary entry  and any similarity to events in your world or people or steam Powered Mechanical Robot Squirrels is purely coincidental, unless you’re a ghost writer in mid-Wales. However once we publish the best selling book followed by the block buster movie then that very nice Mr Steven Spielberg will probably blow up loads of squirrels in slow motion, or is that Sam Peckinpah.

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