Friday, 22 April 2011

The public, the great and the good and the rain machine

Well I thought it was bad yesterday for tourists but today has been even worse they were all over the place I had made the mistake of offering to help in The Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop and despite the sign the public still came in. In the end we locked the door and hid so we could escape early.

It is the preview of the next exhibition tonight so Napoleon Beelzebub says we all need a rest before the public turn up again. Although tonight it is the turn of the great and the good, Mr Beelzebub finds this very amusing bearing in mind he is Mr Beelzebub. He does say some of the great and the good are not as great and good as they should be and several of them have loyalty cards with more than enough points now to go to the bottom floor at some point. I don’t envy them going there it was very very hot at ground level today so on the bottom floor of the cellar with all that fire and brimstone would be absolute hell on days like today.

The dog, Pirate Pete, Flipper the Wood Mouse and Mrs Flipper? Have been sitting in the goldfish pond to stay cool much to the disgust of the goldfish who tried to protest but their protests was mistaken for  attempts to try some tricks like dolphins do so they ended up sulking in the pond weed. Dads attempt at a Rain Machine backfired badly when he made a Reign Machine instead and found himself wondering around in robes and ermine and a big heavy crown for the rest of the day. He did say at least he has something to wear if we go to the royal weeding street party now but mum said IDIOT. He said if I was good at the preview tonight I could be knighted WELL COOL.

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