Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Multiple operating system PC's and Steam Powered Squirrels....

A complex day of trying to be very clever with technology; not a good idea because the technology is not quite doing what it says on the box. It is my own fault I don’t really do technology and so trying to get my computer (our universe) to operate on two different operating systems was not wise.

It’s the ghost writers fault really he has a habit of saying oooo look this is a nice PC to live in only most of them are slightly suspect to say the least so I am staying put for now.

Yet more sun today and with luck it will stay like this right over the Easter holiday.

Chris the builder is still doing loads at the moment and our house is somewhat chaos well lots of chaos and we are having the next big private view for the next exhibition on Friday evening so mum is running about for that. Dad is distracted by steam powered mechanical squirrels he is making to run about in our big tree, his theory is that if it is full of robot squirrels then the real squirrels will go elsewhere and annoy someone else. He said he was planning to teach the robot squirrels to sing Britney Spears songs but me and mum said that would be worse than having real squirrels so is said he would teach them AC/DC songs instead. He has told Mr Jenkins not to try and shoot the squirrels because they are steam powered and if he did they would explode. Me and the dog think having steam powered mad squirrels sounds just as bad as normal ones even if they do sing AC/DC songs and an tap dance.

One advantage of our somewhat chaotic day is that we have just had an Indian takeaway YUMMY which is why I am a bit late SORRY.     

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