Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Poetry for the EU Referendum Vote

We have reached that day
Which seemed so very far away
The dreaded EU referendum vote
Which if we leave
Will cause some to cheer and some to grieve
And some to dress up as Horatio Nelson
While others will pretend to be pirates
Or spacemen or a pantomime horse
Which the rest of Europe
Will look upon baffled and confused
And tell each other . . . .
Well they are British of course
And we have never understood them
With their terrible Eurovison songs
And their silly cricket balls
And what kind of nation
Would throw wet sponges at vicars
Or play splat the rat
Amongst the village fete festive stalls
And why do they tolerate all that rain
Then complain about all of us
I mean have you ever been on their trains
Or their inter-city bus
But if they do vote to leave
Well it will be a rather sad sort of day
But it could be so much worse

They might decide to stay. 

Well who can tell
Not Me


  1. I guess if the UK decides to leave and join something else, they could join the the US, we do have the habit of adding new territory from time to time. Plus we have a common U in the first position, we both like The Beatles, speak almost the same language, and I think we haven't had a war against each other since 1814, so that is a long time to not be shooting at each other.

    1. I can see that working although to tell the truth here in Britain we are not sure about Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton as your new leader. I am OK with this myself as I have not been happy with our leader over here for years.

      We could start with the free movement of pineapple plants and then build a tunnel to help keep everyone employed

    2. I can't imagine Trump being president. He suddenly appears veRy lazy, unwilling to do the proper work of learning the veRy basics of our system of government. He just wants to be a dictator.

    3. I like your tunnel idea, especially if its small and donkeys are involved.