Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Poetry for Slugs

Slugs are slow and create a trail of slime
And can travel surprisingly far given time
Creating slimy trails upon your floor
On the carpet and on the door
And at night when you are asleep in bed
So you will find you wake up with a slimy head
And slimy feet and slimy hair
Which if you like slugs then you will not care
Slugs are friendly critters and tend to smile
Although some folk insist they are rather vile
But they really are happy beasts and like to sing
As they eat all your nice new plants in the Spring
However they live in fear of the scary toad
And will tell him the slugs are greener across the road
And when the toad starts to cross, to go and see
All the slugs will start to flee
In order to hide under your gardening hat
Hoping that on the road the toad

Goes Splat


  1. That is a most eXceLLent poem!!!!!! You should be the Poet Laureate of Shropshire, or at the very least, Lydham.

    1. I am not sure that the sleepy small country village of Lydham with its traditional country folk is ready for my poetry yet Mr ESB. But if a suitable post becomes available I might go for it, I'm sure the Queen must need a poet from time to time.

    2. You could ask people in your nearest area if they would mind you being their Poet Laureate, and if you got enough support, and word spread, then it would most likely happen.

    3. Then just keep enlarging the area that you canvas for support.