Friday, 11 March 2016

Poetry for a Cat called Harry Potter

A wizard casts a big dark spell
And as you might expect
it does not end well
Hubble Bubble toil and Trouble
Harry Potter had his own Stunt Double
be he rich or be he poor 
On his bones I will gnaw
And Harry in a play
Thinks he will survive
But only until after . . . .  
The half time Drinks Break
Does arrive

And then
He is a goner for sure
I mean just how many lives can one wizard have
And lets face it he is not a cat.
Unless Harry Potter is a cat
Now that is something I was not expecting.
Although I do have a cat called Harry

And Harry the Cat is grumpy too (very Grumpy)


  1. I don't think that I know many Harry's. Most of them are old people or dead people. David Letterman has a young son named Harry. My dog could be named Hairy. But his first name is Pepper because of his outer appearance. He was actually named the day before I met him. His middle name is Gazelle because he is a hoppy happy wonderful puppy.

    1. Wow, your page counter is almost to 200,000.

    2. 200,000 is still a long way off at the present rate of visitors, but I guess it will get there.

      Pepper Gazelle is a good name but it might confuse folk if you are heard shouting Pepper Gazelle in the park as they will assume you are looking for a gazelle called Pepper. . . . Maybe there is a Gazelle called Pepper somewhere on the planet that would be interesting.

    3. My Pepper was named that because of the colors of his fur. I think it might be rare to find a gazelle with those colors, but if there was a gazelle that liked to eats peppers, then yes.

    4. Oooo Mr ESB color or as we spell it over here colour is one of those funny words that I always got wrong when I use to write a bit of HMTL. . . I always used the British spelling and it would not work.

    5. I discovered that my computer has a true random number generator which is slow, and a cryptographically secure pseudorandomnumber generator which is fast. So to make things fun, and medium speed, I will use the true RNG to make a yes/no decision as to whether to to use the True RNG or the pseudo RNG, and then alternate use between the two RNGs. I would call this a treudo RNG.