Sunday, 6 March 2016

Poetry for a night time walk in the Woods

If you walk in the woods at night
There are lots of beasts that tend to bite
And bats and insects and big snakes too
And ghostly things that leap at you
And terrible terrible vampire bats
And an old witch and her witches cats
As well as monsters that tend to groan
In a rather threatening and scary tone
And if you fall then slugs will eat your eyes
While leaches suck the blood from your thighs
So if you walk in the woods at night
You can be sure of a horrid fright
As banshees circle overhead
Wondering who has survived and who is dead
As hissing creeps out of the dark
A demented demons little humorous lark
So if you walk in the woods at night
Be sure to take a torch
That is very bright

Although the hobbits will steal the batteries

HAH HAH ah ah ah ah ah ah a ha ha h haha hah ah ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha

OOOOoooooo what was that noise
. . . . . .


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