Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Exploded Goat and a Grand Moroccan Patio

We (well mum and dad really) moved some garden stuff to the new house today; although only after school, because the headmaster says to mess about is not allowed. Well that’s not fair we all mess about at school loads and no one minds (much), not even when Esmeralda exploded the goat in assembly, after it ate her sandwiches. I think at the time the headmaster was more concerned about the fact a goat was roaming the corridors of the school.

OK back to the diary, a few things have been moved, it is only a few but it’s a start. Miss Issy who was helping move stuff to the new bungalow said ……. AH, when she saw it, but did eat a wide selection of apples, and thought the garden was lovely. Mum and dad say everyone is going to say ……… AH when they see it first, because it is yet to be transformed into in wondrous magical building with a Grand Moroccan Patio. And of course there is the fabled Minor Stream of Inconsequence the source of which is just next to the house and runs down through the thin ribbon of wood into the main wood, this is excellent and will allow continuity in the diary.

We did not see any pigs or a horse today or even hear the chickens but we did see about twenty thousand Pheasants or something like that wandering about in the field next to the house. And far in the distance semi-hidden by the trees in the wood dad was convinced he saw a pirate flag, although no one else saw it and mum thinks he is away with the fairies.

Because it was (is) Tuesday Miss Fionaski was visiting this morning helping mum pack up the secret short wave radio and code breaking equipment and all that other electronic stuff she has to communication with the various secret services. But as mum says I am not allowed to mention that because it is a secret ……….. AH. Mum was about to throw the Armadillo toaster at me but luckily it is in a box and she can’t find it…….. HA HA HA HA HAH Hah hahaha hah ah hahh hahah ha ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwWWWW I have been hit with a box.

OK that’s it for tonight, although I feel I do need to warn you all that at some point in the next couple of days I may vanish on the odd occasion due to the shear volume of things going on and pressure on my time. It would be lovely to be able to write everything down and reveal  all, but sadly it would only result in us all going mad and, well, just think what the diary would be like then if written by a madman…….. HAH AHHAH HHAh hah hah hah hah hhahahahah hhahahahahhah ha hah ha ha …… Yes mum has just said IDIOT

Now you might be thinking WHY is this song here .... Well only because it is a very coooooool song

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