Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Unremarkable Pool of Muddy Water, homing cats and the lost Coco Pops

Saturday and I have spent the day in the garden exploring stuff. When I say stuff I refer to things in the garden and not the boxes from our old home which are full of stuff and on which was written STUFF in the end due to the general pressure of time; anyway, I am discussing the garden.

As you will all be aware right next to the house is the source of the fabled Minor Stream of Inconsequence, but today behind a hedge we found The Unremarkable Pool of Muddy Water. It was very exciting because it is where the black and white cows who live in the field like to come and drink, well sort of, bearing in mind it has rained all week and the last thing they wish to do is drink the intoxicating waters of The Unremarkable Pool of Muddy Water.

As it happens today was the first sunny day of our so far short stay at the new house (I say new but this is classic 1970’s bungalow) and as a result of the sun we had our first sunset. Mum and dad were well pleased it has been twenty eight years since they lived in a house where there was a sunset, as they have lived under the protective rocky hill on which Montgomery Castle was built in 1284 sometime in August about half past six I think although that may be entirely wrong, it may have been nearer eight HAHAHAHh hahah hah hahah hahahah hhah hahah hahahah hahhahah. Mum has just said IDIOT.

The nice little old lady who lived here was unable to prune trees, so some of them are a bit tall, so dad started to prune a couple near the house, He used explosives to sort of explode the tops off much to the amusement of the dog, but it did frighten next doors two pigs and mum called him an IDIOT too.

I also saw a small black cat that looks like Sooty the Cat and have discovered it is also called Sooty the Cat ………… AH. Well that will cheer up Harry the Cat who likes to beat up Sooty the Cat because there will be two Sooty the Cat’s now. Harry and Sooty will be back tomorrow morning to rejoin us (when I say rejoin I don’t mean they have to stick us together again, just that they will be home) but they have to stay inside for a few days to establish where home is. A bit like homing pigeons, only you cant race a homing cat  very well so it is not entirely the same as it happens and they don’t go COOOO more HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (that’s the Cats not the Pigeons).

Mum and dad say I am not allowed visitors until they can find things like plates, knives and Coco Pops and various other important things or we will all look like IDIOTS, well I am used to that.

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  1. Good luck on finding your Coco Pops, your parents are right they are important. In fact the most important imo.