Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Poetry for Ned the Sub-Aqua Beast

Ned was a Sub-Aqua Beast
With lots of legs
And a crusty Head
Who scurried about
In the semi dark
With his all-seeing eyes
To avoid
The Tiger Shark
And he once tap danced . . . (so he said)
With Fred Astaire
Who got very wet
But did not seem
To care
And while nibbling Seaweed
And a cuttlefish bone
Will talk to the fish
In a superior tone
About Science and Maths
And Shakespearean plays
Which he will do
Not for hours
But for days and for days
But fish are easily distracted
By stuff in the sea
Which is very annoying
Both for Ned

And for me

Yes Ned I quite agree now why dont you go and talk to the fish. No honest they are not bored. 


  1. I am trying to remember if I have ever talked to a fish. I know I have admired some, and loved aquariums in my early teens. When I go to the store for dog supplies today I will stop by the fish tanks for a chat. Anything in particular I should say?

    1. I think you should ask them if they have ever seen a pineapple.

    2. I came back from the store before I saw your pineapple request, so I will do that neXt trip to the store. So I almost forgot about the first after I got my dog supplies, so I went back. After observing them closely, it seems the fish are repeating the word, "mope". So I started speaking mope back to them. I started with the angel fish tank. Then I tried to devise some hand or finger signals to the fish, but then gave up.