Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Strange World of DIY and DIY Poetry about DIY . . . Why indeed

Yes the picture is not the right one
sorry about that 

I have been out doing DIY today. This is good and also bad, you see doing DIY is very constructive I managed to put a shelf unit up in a kitchen and a huge TV up in a bedroom and a Star Wars mask thing up next to the huge TV. This is good; however spending the day at someone else’s house doing DIY is also bad, as it means there is still a list of DIY jobs to do at my own house. But I have done a good deed that is very good . . . . but I still have loads of things to do at mine which is bad. And all my tools are in the car but it’s dark and wet so do I get them out in the dark and wet or train the cat to do it.

Right OK I have just returned from chatting on the Phone to my old Rock Star pal from Brinsley Schwarz who is coming across in a week or so to tune the piano. This will make it easier to write more poetry that makes sense. . . . . OK I lie my poetry will still make no sense what so ever but it will be more musical . . . . . OK that it not true either, but it is true that the piano will be more musical as long as I don’t try to play it. Folk have a habit of screaming and running away when I play the piano as I have a rather unorthodox approach to it based on an entire lack of knowledge about which are the right notes to hit within any given musical progression designed to be musical.

I was just wondering if it is possible to write a quick DIY song about DIY

Lets give it a go

I have been out today  
Doing DIY
With drills and saws
Screwdrivers and other tools
And a bit of Wet and dry

I have made many holes in walls
And put up an old wonky shelf
Plus a television and a mask
From Star Wars that was
Once worm by an alien elf . . .

And I used my trusty hammer
To hit the occasion thing
And although not entirely necessary
Much pleasure 
Hammers do bring

I even used my socket set
And its clever ratchet thing
To do up some hefty bolts
And a bit of paint and wood filler
Always adds a bit of bling

Until everything of course 
Falls off the wall
When my family tend to shout
During a rather noisy
Some what expressive 

Where I blame the cat


  1. My neighbours obviously think that I'm a sex starved hoochie, as they listen to my shouts of "I NEED A MAN!" All the while unaware it's because I'm doing a spot of DIY. Why can't it be called GSETDI? (get someone else to do it)

    1. Miss Lily . . . . Men are in general rubbish at DIY of any sort. Although having said that I am myself a bit of a hero with power tools and I appear to be the chap that folk think of when GSETDI is mentioned among the family.