Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Chickens of Death and the Great Robot Conspiracy of 1927

I may do some robot based posts this year because I got rather a nice book to draw in with a robot on the front of it, and besides I don’t think I have mentioned robots much in my diary so far and of course we all know the great robot conspiracy of 1927 that was hushed up by the authorities. O yes they will never be able to suppress the truth entirely not after what happen in the ice cream van incident with the ice cream. . . . . .YUCK

Anyway I am running very late tonight and have only drawn half a robot so it may be necessary to use an old picture, I mean I am not superman (Knowing wink and a nod . . . nudge nudge).

I was looking forward to a TV programme tonight, but apparently I misread the title and so ended up watching something entirely different . . . . . . I was hoping to see. . .  Leningrad and the Chickens of Death. . .  I was told not only that I am as blind as a bat, which I sort of am without my glasses although I did have them on at the time, but I was also told that I am a complete IDIOT. . .  It’s a shame because Leningrad and the Chickens of Death sounds good and for reasons that make no sense I had it in my mind they must be Zombie Chickens from Space. . . . . I mean that is well COOL like an old 1950’s sci-fi B movie . . . .

WHAT IS IT Professor . . . . . . . IT’S A . . . . .



  1. I swear to god that chicken is giving me dirty looks.

    1. That chicken will, it is a chicken with attitude