Thursday, 28 January 2016

Poetry for Voldemort . . . . . . Almost

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Where did that Harry Potter go
Be he rich or be he poor
I'm sure I heard
That Potter Snore
Waking the Spirit
Of Christmas Past
And a Elf and a Hobbit
In Gormenghast
As well as JK Rowling
Asleep in Bed
Which is like biting?
The hand
From which you’re fed
Or maybe it’s that Gandalf chap
And some cunning scheme
So I can’t nap
Or I could just be having
A terrible dream
Like that Cursed Child
Who has witches seen?
I am told there are three
And their mate Macbeth
And if you see them
It is certain death
With their eye of newt
Tail of a dog
Sherbet bon bons
And the leg from a fermented frog
And people
Point and say I'm mad
Yes point and laugh
Which is rather bad
But the Banshees
You see will get them all
When I give them
My werewolves call
And the banshees will swoop
And vampires will bite
And monsters will scare
Long into the night
And I will tell all
It’s that Harry Potters fault
For beating up Voldemort
And bringing his evil empire to a halt

And he Snores (that’s Harry not Eric)
I'm sure Voldemort was Eric to his mates
Well I always called him Eric
Although I'm not sure he liked it much
And he said I snored
But it was not me it was that Harry
No it was

I dont think my poetry career is going to well at present
But its an acquired taste 


  1. I am glad you see poetry as a career.

    1. It is not one that pays well but it makes life interesting when you tell folk you're a poet.

    2. I agree. My last college course in English was poetry. It was my favorite. But I still didn't wind up making an A in the course. I have truly enjoyed poetry since then.

    3. I think you would be a good poet Mr ESB, but like me not one of those classical romantic ones.

  2. I've missed your poetry! Another great one :)

    1. Well Miss Laura I am always pleased to see you visiting my little blog. . . I hope you are doing well.