Saturday, 30 January 2016

Poetry for the Big Garden Bird Watch. . . . .

Well I have done the Big Garden Bird Watch
To see what I could see
Like Eagles and Swallows
And possibly the odd Penguin or two . . .
I think sort of. . . maybe
The trouble is they all look the same
Because a bird is a bird to me
And a Seagull and a Golden Eagle
Can be confused incredibly easily
But I did see some Blue Tits
And a Vulture sitting in a tree
And Blackbirds and Sparrows
The rather rare Dodo
And a Chaffinch or two . . . or was it three
And a big fat grey Squirrel
Who eats all the food, that we put out
Which the cat likes to chase
Around and around and round about
He never catches it however
Because the little critter is too fast
But if a passing Condor sees it
That day will be its last
And as the Penguins nibble fish
Off our bird table on the lawn
My neighbour views
My observed list
With bemusement
And with scorn
And tells me (pointing) . . . that the Dunnet
Is not a humming bird
And to say I’ve seen a Phoenix
Is simply quite absurd
And that my Big Garden Bird Watch
Is not going very well
And that Puffins don’t eat peanuts
And Goldcrests don’t eat jelly babies
And I’m an idiot if I can’t tell
But I have done my bit
Submitted my list
Despite My RSPB neighbour
Waving his fist
And I suspect someone will think
It’s somewhat rare but nice
That I saw a flock of
Wilson's bird-of-paradise

There were loads of them

Honest with huge talons 

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