Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Poetry for almost Friendly Robots

A small and delicate robot of stealth
Can be bought if you have some spare cash
Or a certain amount of frivolous wealth
You can then train it to hide
In the canopies of trees
And record all the incriminating
Things that it stealthily sees
Keep on eye on your enemy
Or your neighbours pet dog
It will even record all the times
In a rather useful foolproof robots log
Which means you can have all your friends
And neighbours locked up
And arrested
As your robots evidence
Can’t be contested
And you and your robot
Will smile, look pleased
And then say
There is nobody left
We have had them all locked away
But at night as you sleep
In your bed feeling
Smug and just a bit vain
You loyal Stealthy robot
Will use its terrible laser
To make a hole in your brain

And the moral of this poetic tale
As your Robot rules Earth
With a clenched fist of iron
Is Robots are very good
But not something to have faith in
Or ever rely on

Bleep Bleep Bleep


  1. 1 w0nder ab0ut a11 most r0b0ts a11 m0st a11 0f the t1me. But I don't think about wallpaper. I don't recall ever living in a house with wall paper, but then I realized that the former owner of my business property had put wallpaper in my office and a few other places. I hope you are doing well, I have been a bit distracted lately, mainly by my puppy, and winter trying to decide what it wants to do.

    1. Winter is finally creeping in here rather than rain. But at least it is sunny today.

      All is hunky dory here Mr ESB although I have to go out tonight and attempt to park in a busy town. . . I prefer the country