Friday, 6 November 2015

Poetry for Zombie Penguins

Beware the terrible cursed Zombie Penguin
That will sneak up on you from Behind
And Peck out all your brains
Enjoying all the chewy bits it FindZZZZZzzzzz
But folk laugh at me, when I warn them
That the Zombie Penguin is real and does Exist
And say I am a loony
And by the Loony Fairy I have been Kissed
But when the Zombie Penguin
Gets them and they Die . . . . (HAH AHAha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
I will laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh
As all their parents all start to Cry
And even if they shout at me
And insist that I should instantly desist
I will say at making snowmen they were rubbish
And they will probably not be missed

(Yes OK it is not always easy to be nice or write poetry)

You see I know a lot about Zombie Penguins
Because I breed them in a cage
And when small children annoy me
I get the Zombie Penguins
To attack them in a rage
And although the police have warned me
I need a licence for such aggressive Pets
Every time I try to get one
The Zombie Penguins eat up all the Vets
But they are rather large
And expensive Beasts to keep
So I might get something
a little smaller
Like a Vampire Opossum
Which like the Killer Hampster
Spends most of the day


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