Monday, 30 November 2015

Poetry for an Unknown Thing

Is it here?
Is it there?
Is it somewhere?
A bit elsewhere
Is it up
Is it down
In the Sky
Or underground
Is it big?
Is it round?
Is it lost?
Or maybe found
Will it bite?
Or will it chew
I wish sometimes
I wish I knew
Is it self assembly?
And in a kit
Or in a cardboard box
In which it might just fit
Some are Red
Some are Blue
Second hand
Or even New
And self righting
Is a useful thing
So get one with
The added
Self righting Spring
Trendy now
In a nice Jet Black
With discreet controls
And battery Pack
Buy one now
And get one free
A better deal
You’ll never See
And if you lose yours
On the train
Its homing device
Will get it back
To you again
They like to play
Chasing sticks
And will squeak and Hum
And make strange little Clicks
It’s a great device
If you snore
And is now patented
By Me
Rob Z Tobor.

Available through no leading retailers

May contain Nuts 


  1. Ooh, I like.
    Can I have whatever it is that you're writing about?

    1. I never know what I am writing about even on a good day Miss Lily