Thursday, 5 November 2015

Poetry for iPhones and cute things

Is that a small cute furry thing?
To whom you have decided to raucously sing
Surely you'll scare it half to death
If you keep singing songs like that
And it now appears it has now been eaten
By a Large and Angry Ginger Cat

Hitting the cat though is surely not right
And now the cat has run out into the night
And I note that between its sharp pointy teeth
Your iPhone was fixed fast
So I suspect that selfie with the cute furry thing
Was your very very last.

But maybe you could call your phone
And talk to the cat in a friendly tone
And explain that this is a device you really need
And as a fair exchange with that Cat
You can explain you’ll leave a large bowl of food
Out on your door mat.

You see
It is always best to negotiate rather than hit
To avoid your iPhone from being bit
Getting teeth marks on its shiny screen
Ruins your image as a trend setting thing
One with which folk like to be seen
So next time you see
A small cute furry Critter
Squash it with your foot
And discreetly kick it
Into a pile of

It sounds cruel

But life is Bitter . . . . . . .    


  1. But I bet not aLL of life is bitter,
    Some is better
    Some tastes like butter
    And some of the best of the better
    Is food with a batter with butter.

    1. OOOoooo that was rather good Mr ESB I suspect that would make a good tee shirt Motto although it is a bit long I guess.

  2. Ah there you are Mr Z. Wordpress once again, is playing a game of hide and seek with other people's blogs. *sighs*

    1. I am still here Miss Lily doing my bit for Poetry and the strange world of Blogging.

      OK the Poetry is a bit odd but one day folk will flock on mass through the fire exits to escape as I recite my most famous ones in the glitzy world of Hollywood's poetry circles.