Saturday, 28 November 2015

I Spy With my Little Eye something beginning with C . . . Yes Christmas is not far away

Now one of the things I did today was go out and do a small bit of Christmas shopping, partly because we have an advent calendar with little boxes and they need some small and hopefully practical or jolly things in each one. This means I do not have long as it is my job to fill all the odd numbers, and the 1st December is not far away. However I am bitter and twisted and a very grumpy chap and on top of that it was wet windy cold and dark today so as I wandered round a large complex of a store a few miles away I was not doing well.  One of the problems I had was finding small interesting or jolly things that were small enough to go into our advent calendar. Each year I think to myself I must make more stuff for Christmas, but then the great holder of the hands of time suddenly spins them round and I don’t have time to do it. I am sure he does this on purpose and is secretly laughing at me.

Anyway I got a couple of things and still have many things I wish to make and do, so I may be away for a couple of days. . . . . or at least not posting stuff that is of the moment, interesting and makes any sense. . . . . . . . . . We will see. 

I have noticed through the strange medium of social media that some folk have put up and decorated Christmas trees . . . . . . WHAT it is not December yet. Don’t folk remember what Christmas is all about, it is the old pagan midwinter festival where for a couple of days we all have a good time . . . . . . OK some might be celebrating the Baby Jesus, but he was born in October; but which ever you celebrate the one common point is, it does not last for several weeks it is a few days.  It all went wrong when the multinational companies decided we all needed to spend loads of money on stuff rather than actually all just smiling at each other and making sure the little old lady next door is warm and has something to eat.  I know I am no different to everyone else I buy stuff and play the game and watch The Great Escape on TV like all the other folk do. . . . But I have sneakily made a few rather posh looking paper chains with plans for some other bits also.

So just to warn you all my posts may reduce for a few days or so while I plan my plans to get stuff done. Ho Ho Ho . . . . Phew.      


  1. I'm sure I'll be cutting back as well though actually I guess I've mostly cut back already.

    My wife has been doing some Christmas shopping, but I haven't. After all she has money and after my bills are paid I don't. No money makes for saving time shopping for stuff that people might not want or use anyway.

    Ho, ho, ho, indeed.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I will be sneaking the odd post in as and when I can. I need to have the odd stop as my mind wanders and I cant do what I used to do. Christmas is out there and getting closer but I'm sure it has been losing it edge among the masses in the last couple of years. Maybe just too much pressure to buy stuff