Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hogwarts Academy of Modern Apprenticeship. . . A story of confusion

As we all know the changing face of Wizardry and magic over the years led to some interesting diversity among the various wizard schools throughout the kingdom. Not the least of which was the building of the new Hogwarts Academy of Modern Apprenticeships know to all as Hog-Watts. It got this nickname from its rather successful electronic engineering apprenticeship for wayward wizards who were rather more practically based rather than magic based in their skills.

Of course when the new wing of Hogwarts first opened all was not well, many of the old traditional Professors as well as students were far from happy with what they saw as a step into the world of Muggles.  It was not helped when a very elderly Professor Dumbledore told one of the new Electronics classes, he found the situation shocking. Which only made the class snigger as one of the students connected him to a high voltage cable to make his eyes light up, (not quite the sort of shocking he had in mind).  But times change and the days when a wizard could make a decent living from selling strange potions or fighting the terrible forces of darkness with a dodgy wand made from hazel wood were passing fast.

You see it was now up to the new enlightened professors with their Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics and superconductors to attract the best students to Hogwarts so the School could charge the Ministry of Magic huge fees to teach the new (modern and progressive) class of wizards. 

Professor Brian Cathode-Cox Pixilation or Sparky as he was known to the students was head of the new facility and through his skills and guidance made Hogwarts what is today.  He is most famed for his development of the light sabre, the Death Star and his very popular r2d2 Quidditch automated adjudicator which he developed after several suspect referee decisions.

there were those however who just could not deal with all the modernisation and new teaching methods at Hogwarts and one in particular a Professor Rubeus Hagrid ran off to join up with a chap called Darth Vader who paid him a rather large sum of money for the detailed plans to several of  Professor Brian Cathode-Cox Pixilation’s inventions. Apparently they both lost the plot completely and had delusions of taking over the entire universe. With their terrible battle cry. . . . High Ho silver and away  . . .

I would tell you more about this, but I find myself sat in a dark cave hiding somewhere in Middle Earth with some sort of Hobbit critter called Dobby who keeps saying he needs to find the ring. I think he has lost the plot also. It appears we have to stay here and lay low for a while because a huge army of copyright lawyers from several well known films are in pursuit saying I am a plagiarist and a bad one at that . . . . . . . As for Dobby he is saying something about . . . ET Home Phone he wants . . .Rob Z Tobor idiot me so Thinks I do. . . 

Ooo o o o o  hang on what’s that

Is it a Bird, is it a Plane. . . . No it appears to be sword stuck in a large stone. Well that’s a bit odd. 


  1. Hi human, Rob,

    It seems that Harry Pothead has morphed into a bit of now your Tolkien type stuff, mixed with a dash or two of Rob Z. Tobor!

    Where is Merlin when you really need him?

    Pawsitive wishes, your way,


    1. Hello Penny . . . Now that was a fast response indeed. If you can fetch sticks as fast Penny then I think we might have an Olympic place for you in a couple of years time.

      Hope you and Mr G are both well

  2. That is an interesting difference in your art, the human shape as a silhouette.

    1. I have a couple of pics like this but not used them yet