Friday, 13 November 2015

Florence and the Fickleflime

One day young Florence went to the pet shop and bought a fickleflime and took it home. It was a bit of a spontaneous buy because she had never heard of a beast called the fickleflime and it was quite big. But the pet shop owner had given her a small book with all the important things one needs to know in order to keep the fickleflime healthy and happy.

Florence was very happy with her new pet, but when she  showed it to her small brother who had a habit of being rather annoying he pointed and laughed and said what is that . . . . . . . . . .  its really really really ugly

It’s a   fickleflime was Florence’s reply

Well that is a stupid name and why is it blue

Apparently it says in this little book the blue fickleflime is a juvenile said Florence

Well that is stupid why has it got a big scaly red face

Well it says in the book that a big scaly red face means its happy said Florence

Well that is stupid and why has it got such big silly ears

It appears it has big ears so it can listen to its food said Florence

Well that is stupid and why has it got such a big mouth

Well it seems that is so it can eat its dinner really quickly said Florence

That is stupid and anyway what does it actually eat

Well it says here it eats Bens but I think that might be a typing error I think it eats Beans or maybe Buns said Florence

I hope so because I’m called Ben I don’t want that ugly stupid thing to eat me

But with that the fickleflime bent down and in the blink of an eye swallowed Ben whole

AH Said Florence

And they all lived happily ever after. . . . . .except Ben 

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