Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Alien Spiders from Mars . . . (The Ziggystardium)

It has been some time since we have seen Mr Jones the alien hunter so it was a surprise to see him peering into the Ghost Writers car about lunch time. It appears that unknown to the Ghost Writer his car has become an incubator for a particular race of spider like aliens from Mars which Mr Jones says are called the Ziggystardium. The ghost writer himself is not too bothered and says they can stay there for now, but Mr Jones went OOOOooooooooooooooooo.

According to Mr Jones they will quickly grow into huge things and are not friendly and will probably suck the brains out of the Ghost Writers head, something aliens have a habit of doing quite a lot.  The Ghost Writer says that his brains were sucked out years ago so YA SUCKS BOO, but Mr Jones says that he will regret saying that when he is trapped in a traffic jam on the M6 with his head covered in aliens and a policeman knocking on his side window. 


  1. Hello how are you

    O GOD I thought you had gone



    So whats all this about aliens then

    Well they are in the car, loads of them

    Yes but they are tiny and anyway you had a load of them on the fridge the other day and didn't mention that

    I know but I did not have a camera to hand and folk would not believe me if I said the fridge was covered in alien spiders.

    Thats True

    What happened to them anyway.

    I put them outside and they wandered off

    Probably in the direction of the Ghost Writers car

    AH DAMN.

  2. Oh god! The invasion begins! Already in New South Wales Australia, there have been reports about it raining these arachnid kind! As soon a Branson gets that Rocket sorted out, I'm leaving. Why couldn't that blasted Ziggy Stardust just leave things alone?! He should have just stayed at home and played guitar rather then importing those wee beasties from Mars! Why Ziggy? WHYYYYY?!

    1. Raining spiders well how cool is that. . . AH I guess most folk will not be thinking that. Well these ones have been to IKEA and back now. OOOOOooooo the M6 was gridlocked, in fact it was the worst journey I have had on the M6 in ages and we were only on it for a few miles. It is all to do with upgrading. . .

  3. My lawn people told me that my lawn had a huge number of spiders. But I am thinking that after they mowed the spiders must have moved. It is also possible that spiders like to party and go on parade when they hear lawn mowers, and now they are just resting. So I am not sure. I thought it would be interesting if the total weight of spiders in my neighborhood weighed more than me. But then I began to fear that they might join together in a massive humanoid shape and think collectively to defeat me in battle. Am I smarter than a million spiders? I am just not sure, it might depend on how weLL they can read.

    1. There seem to be a lot of spiders about Mr ESB maybe its a world event. Maybe the end of the world is not something like a meteor or a super volcano or even Zombies, but is the humble spider. How smart are one million spiders, they must be quite smart because they have to synchronize eight million legs. And that is six million eyes so they can read a lot all at the same time, a worry indeed.

    2. Wow, I didn't think about the 8 million legs. But if they are joined together through some or most of their legs, similar to chemical bonding, then there would be fewer legs to worry about ... bUt, with having a certain portion of free legs available they could have networks of information, and have tubular structures similar to vein, arteries and an alimentary canal, organs (!), Wow, that would be an interesting composite creature. Think about this: It could have the ability for quick assembly/disassembly. If it was caged, for instance, It could teLL itself to fall apart and then resassemble outside the cage. Interesting. And if it assumed a humanoid form it could call itself (truly) - Spider Man hahahahahahaha cool.

    3. I think this has the making of a great story Mr ESB better that Spider Man because Spiders would think nothing of trying to eat us all.

      I think we have just given the nice Mr Steven Spielberg another great film idea . . . One day he will thank us for all these cracking ideas.

    4. I was thinking that each spider functions like a cell or some cell part. Yes, Steven would have a great film with this. It could transform veRy easily. Even though a single spider come only move just so fast, conected coordinated spiders could be veRRRRy fast. Oh, I just thought about their web/silk making ability, wow.

    5. And of course you might be able to kill a few, but the rest would just keep going so it would be an indestructible organism. As for those webs and silk it could be multi-strand . . . wow indeed