Monday, 11 August 2014

The Great Paradoxes of Modern Life Part 4

The Great Paradoxes of Modern Life Part 4

1. . . . One Small Step for Man One Giant Leap for Mankind

2 . . Oooooo I dont like them let's fire this big rocket at them


  1. The first man
    to get mad
    at a second man
    threw a
    rock at him.
    Now they just
    rocket at a whim.
    The third man
    to get mad
    at a fourth man
    hit him
    on the
    arm with a stick.
    Today we have
    learned to buy
    armor really thick.
    Now I'm stuck
    trying to
    figure out
    what kinda rhymes with
    intercontinental ballistic missle
    instead of cannon ball, stick, and thistle.

    1. Very good Mr ESB . . .

      A classic piece if poet-tree.
      As good as Percy Bysshe Shelley.
      And better than . . . . . me.

      Interestingly I had thought last night of writing a poem about a Mechanical Zombie Bird, something that has not been seen and never heard.

    2. I wrote that poem just shortly before I found out about Robin Williams. Your words "rocket at them" gave me a nudge in the "write" direction. I think writing poetry is one of the most satisfying events of the human experience, or maybe reciting to a crowd.

    3. I look forward to seeing MZB words.

    4. I look forward to seeing your MZB words. Sorry, operating on veRy little sleep.

  2. Neil Armstrong claims his radio transmission went out and he truly did say, "One small step for A man, and I'm pretty sure I can see all of the brown people countries from up here, do you want me to shoot the rockets now or should I wait?" A lot of people don't know that he said that before that bit about "mankind."

    1. I guess asking a man called Neil to stand up for the best in mankind is a paradox for sure.

      Folk dont know but the Vikings reached the moon over five hundred years ago. . . one day they will find the long boat and then folk will sit up and say GOSH. . . . apparently Elvis was buried in it.