Saturday, 21 December 2013

Santa and the Wolf . . . . . (more poetry from Rob Z Tobor)

Santa he is big and Round
Lives in a cave deep Underground
But each Halloween he snarls and bears his Pointy Teeth
And Howls with the Wolves on the Heath

AH . . . . . Mum says that is not Santa but Uncle Fred, and its time I knew the truth. . . . . . . .  


  1. Just think what you have discovered through poemetry.
    Me? I try not to sound like Poe.

    1. The Howl and the Pussy Cat came to see......

    2. We are finaLLy to kind of an iced in condition with bad roads. We could get out for emergencies if needed but just enjoying watching it snow, wrapped up warmly, cooking, baking, enjoying the day with our trapped guest who can't get back to Amarillo. I didn't go to work on Fri or Sat so I have had a great time with Cooper. We played a mini version of soccer with both of us growling and snarling. We still need to go shopping for presents for a couple small children that we have informaLLy "adopted" this past year as well as their mother. I saw that it was about as cold at your place but I couldn't get the weather to work. I hope to see more poems.

    3. More poems are coming very soon in fact I am off to do one inspired from your first comment. It will be posted shortly...

    4. It warmed up just enough to get to and fro Amarillo. I finished the evening by watching the last part of Home Alone 2 then the opening of Home Alone, in that order. Actually, it is spelled:
      HOME ALONe
      with the e tilted back on the end.

    5. Enola-emoh as the Eskimos would say

      Apparently it describes a type of iceberg that has a tilted back and is often seen floating alone.

  2. So now you are doing poetry!
    And with your wicked pictures.
    It adds an added extra layer,
    to what you're trying to teach us.

    Well cool! :O)

    1. Not sure I am teaching all that much . . . . . Maybe just a bit of Joy and Sparkle at Christmas while I try to climb down the chimney.

      Ho Ho Ho

    2. Oooo yes some Peace and Goodwill too...

      I have to mention Peace and Goodwill they are my solicitors and they get well Grumpy if they get forgotten at Christmas.