Monday, 9 September 2013

Three and Three Quarter Minutes to Midnight and the Doomsday Book

 Today is the continuing saga of volume three and three quarters, which is the cyber-diary equivalent of one minute to midnight. As it happens I am not sure what the official minutes to midnight state is at present, so I will check . . . . . .

OK it is five minutes to midnight so it appears my diary is closer to becoming doomed that the world is. This is good for almost everyone except possibly me, as I am rather dependent on my diary in order to continue to exist, yes life is all a bit complex as the slightly eccentric child of cyberspace.

Anyway today I went on a long journey to the south, much like the swallows and then I went on long journey back to the point I started, unlike the swallows, but in doing so all is hopefully better than it was before I went on long journeys. The Ghost Writer did a grand selection of IT things today although he did spend much of his time in a state of confusion talking to clever people on a phone (they were not standing on the phone)…..

I hope to start the Official Slightly Eccentric Diary of Rob Z Tobor volume four in the next few days all being well, but time and the arrival of autumn are not helping matters…….    

Oooooo the Daddy Long Legs seem to be reducing in numbers now so that is good, they are remarkably silly beasts.....



  1. Hi Rob,

    Hopefully one never swallows a daddy long leg. Yes, they soon be gone, burp!

    Aha and aha and aha.....

    1. That last line made me think of Earth Wind and Fire (the band not the elements)

      Where the first line made me think of the song . . . .Never Smile at a Crocodile.

      Yes I may be mad.....

  2. Have you ever met a Mummy Short Arms? Horrible creatures.

    1. Is that Mummy as in ARE WE THERE YET DAD only mum is driving


      Mummy as in a mad Egyptian 2000 year old embalmed body wandering about killing folk and complaining that they cant reach their shoe laces.

  3. Per haps the delay is caused by it kinda being a leap year of sorts, as a leap day occurs once every four years, this being your fourth year. Maybe in cyberdom it is a leap week, and that would surely eXplain things to some at least.

    Right now I feel like saying, "berg"

    Berg, berg, berg, berg, .....

    1. My first thought when seeing your picture was mosquito, but then I quit thinking that and thought, mosquito standing on top of a cracked piece of glass, standing exactly above the cracks, leg, crack, leg, crack, ... staring at the snow storm outside wondering, "What happened to aLL my friends and why is the air so cold directly below my legs, I should probably move over just a bit."

    2. Damn I managed to not post my reply . . . Silly Me. I was sort of saying that your thoughts are indeed the very thoughts that make my blog what it is. It is good to have readers who think strange thoughts it helps me to battle on into the dark voids of obscurity safe in the knowledge that one day folk will say . . . . .Oooooooo yes WHO?