Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The End of the World and a Slight Error

A certain person has called in from his place of work; it is a place of work that deals with what can be sensitive personal data about members of the public. All sorts of stuff that must be kept secure.  Now as this is a national organisation using various IT systems to store all this data, internet and computer security is rather important, well very important, so this person was somewhat surprised today to learn of a slight error made by someone.  This was not a local error as he would then be held responsible as the local IT guru, but happened up north. Anyway it appears for reasons best known to an as yet unknown person a slight error has occurred.  

Well I say slight it appears one or two files containing sensitive personal data may have been accessible via the internet to everyone. Well I say one or two, but I may mean a few, OK I say a few but a couple of hundred sensitive files is quite a lot. So when folk start saying nearly one thousand three hundred files have been compromised due to what appears to be a grave error, the local IT guru says he is glad it is a long way off as (putting it rather bluntly) much shit will be hitting fans.  It seems that the BBC has become rather interested as well as the press and if the story takes off will not fair well for this organisations reputation. Although the local IT chap says it was not the national security systems, but someone did a very silly thing as far as he can tell.

In other news the six high apple tower still stands as the foreteller of doom and in order to appease the questioning minds of the mathematicians and men of science who read my diary the apples to the side of the apple tower have been moved away, clearly showing that the date stated yesterday for the End of the World is correct. Although for one IT man up north the End of the World may arrive sooner.

Did you notice that I managed that without once letting slip that the local IT man is in fact the Ghost Writer . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAMN… 


  1. I have a wide variety of fruit in my frig that I could try stacking. At the moment I have two kinds of grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. I have tomatoes, but they eXist as V-8 Juice, Hot & Spicy.

    1. These are not easy fruits to stack, fruit has not evolved into something that likes being stacked into towers. This must have some sort of deeper meaning other than fruit is awkward..

    2. Fruit are awkward and there is an award there in pieces. I compared before and after photos and it appeared the same six apples were in the same positions based on apple scars and defects.

      I am just in a holding pattern waiting for gumbo to reheat so I can eat breakfast fast and break away. I have a machine to assemble.

    3. I am very good at taking machines apart. I still have not entirely mastered assembly.