Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Carnivorous Cave Crab of Cambodia and the Trips of Electricity

We had an uneventful day at school today, the geography teacher was warning us of some of the possible dangers of our journey to the centre of the Earth. Interestingly I knew all about one of them because we had them in the cellar of our old house so was able to tell the geography teacher how to escape from The Carnivorous Cave Crab of Cambodia. So I got bonus points for being smart, and have now been told I get to fight all the nasty man eating beasts during the trip as I have experience of these things . . . . . . WELL COOL I think? Mum has said IDIOT . . . . . .

Meanwhile back at home dad has been doing battle with the electrics on the house which are a bit strange because they were having one there their days when they trip the main trip loads. It appears that as the solar panels kick in to generate power then the main trip kicks out so the solar panel system then goes on stand by. You see it needs to see the national grip or it just sulks. What was weird is that if two of the light circuits were turned of it was fine, but if the solar panel system was turned off everything else was fine. How if this fault was consistent we could shake our heads and say that’s the thyristor-controlled induction matrix ooooooo that can be expensive and tut a lot, but it is not consistent and will happy all work together for another week or more before it does it again. So dad jumped up and down a lot and waved his hands about (now I know where I get that from) and threw rocks at seagulls but missed.

I have interestingly finally discovered exactly what goes bump in the night, after many years of investigation. It was all very interesting because in the end after all the hunting for the thing that goes bump in the middle of the night it just sort of bumped into me . . . . . . What a funny old world we live in.

Finally I have reason to believe the cows may not be happy about the school trip to the centre of the Earth (I told the dog not to tell them) as they have started to make a barrier to stop us entering their tunnel system, you know what cows are like with their tunnels. 



  1. When Cooper was younger (then 2, now 7) he would be on a chain in the back yard while I was at work. When the ground was soft he would dig interesting patterns, geometric. For a while he made ditches one claw wide a few inches deep, where three of them would radiate out from a common point.

    1. Maybe he was inventing a dog based alphabet that could be seen from space and therefore Google Earth telling other dogs he was trapped on the end of a chain in the back yard.

    2. I am not sure if Cooper's creations were closer to runic or cuneiform. The ditches were varying lengths, maybe about 4 to 10 inches in length. I didn't observe him making aLL of them, but the few that I did observe he worked very intensely focused. He also likes to join me and help puLL weeds in the garden, especiaLLy the fresh young stems. He prefers to work on the same grape vine as me. He does a fairly good job of not messing with the leaves or fruit of human interest, although he did once mess with the tomato vines. I think he thought that the green tomatoes were tennis baLLs. I wrote the true life story about this event in a blog post and also reworked the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer as Vines and attributed it to Cooper. I forget the eXact title of the blog post, it was more than four years agobecause we were living in the other house. I think the title is something like Billy Bonka, Bubba and The Magical Ball Factory.