Saturday, 28 July 2012

Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Olympics Day One and the dark side

Today has been fairly peaceful although a strange person arrived with raffle tickets to a balloon race (not a hot air balloon race but small ones full of helium), it was all part of a dog show but the dog hates dog shows. He has been banned from most after he ate the ‘best at show’ Pekinese at Crufts after it kept yapping at him, and although he tried to reason with it in both Cantonese and Latin it was to no avail. So to shut it up he ate it, it was very embarrassing the owner was very upset and the whole thing was suppressed to avoid frightening the Pekinese owners of Great Britain.  The dog said it did not taste that good anyway. 

The Chicken said he wanted to do a re-enactment of Close Encounters of the Third Kind today because while he was at the Big Do (Olympic Opening Ceremony) last night he came across the big mountain and now knows exactly how to get to the top to meet the aliens. Thinking about the Big Do (Olympic Opening Ceremony); not only did it have the mountain with the route to the top but it had all the flashing lights men in white coats and someone playing the piano…. Mmmmmmm?

As many of you know Captain Nessman of the High Seas has appeared in my diary over the last couple of years, and quite right too as he is a good chap and well deserving of a place in the block buster movie of the best selling book. But in recent times he has started new adventures and will soon be heading across the seas to China; however today he has announced his engagement to Miss Lang which I think we will all agree is WELL COOL. Every block buster Movie needs a bit of romantic interest so this is excellent news.

OK I better return to those Olympics again and report on the day’s progress for the Brits in case no one is watching; well we almost sort of did really well. Had it not been for the fact a few folk were a bit faster, so we would have won loads only we sort of didn’t. But remember at the end of the day all this sport is so that the whole world will be a much better place where fair play and a sense of honour are important. It is therefore better for the British to smile do their best and not to get all stressed, it would be sad to see us become a country of win at all cost fanatics and not enjoy the event.

Ooooo I have had another go at taking a picture of the moon..



  1. Thats a very cool picture of the Moon. I watched a video the other week about the moon and David Icke said it was hollow and wasn't a moon but a space ship covered in dust.
    Saying that, it did look cleaner last night, maybe NASA read our last comments and got up and did something about having a bit of a tidy.

    Crongrats to the captain!

    1. I am not sure what happened to David Icke, he seemed to be ticking along all ration and the like when he suddenly started thinking strange things. I could understand it if he was a member of RATs and a follower of my blog, but he is not and we don't need mad blokes who think the moon is hollow joining.

      However I think you are right about NASA though they have been up there polishing the moon, it was very bright last night.

      I will pass on your congrats to Captain Nessman. He follows the blog but is presently distracted by love, a beautiful woman and learning Chinese (the language not the takeaway menu numbers)....