Friday, 16 September 2011

Rollerball and the Wicker Man. And some rather nice Chip Butties

Its Friday and the end of another week.  The town was very still this morning, a definite feel of Autumn and I have noticed the crows are shouting quite a lot too. Napoleon Beelzebub has given me the task of making a Christmas Angel for his Window this year. It might seem a little early to discuss, but as he says in the world of commerce one must think ahead.

I don’t mind doing the Christmas Angel, it will be easier that the original, Plan One. which was the three Kings but there are three of them so we have abandoned them now. Not as in chucked them out the car at the side of the road, but as in chained to the walls of the cells (as in Brain) of non existence. The dog is well upset he thought he might help as he rather likes Elvis and the thought of having three of them all dress up in sequins singing Hound Dog in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop Christmas Window was very exciting indeed.

He says he is not planning to help make an Angel, also Napoleon Beelzebub says the Christmas Angel needs to have horns although he who must be obeyed (he says that but no one does) says they are only allowed to be small horns.

O yes school I did Physics, Geography, French, English, Woodwork, Entomology, hieroglyphics, Economics, Rollerball, Basket Weaving and Mud Wrestling. The head Master has already banned Mud Wrestling after this week as the parents have been complaining that after spending a whole £2:00 on a new uniform in Tesco they have all been ruined by mud. It is the fault of the new Physical Education teacher who has a subscription to one of those pay to view sports channels and keeps coming up with stupid ideas. Rollerball was good though even if they did have to call two ambulances at lunch time, I think the headmaster plans to ban that too. Personally I would ban Basket Weaving although Esmeralda did make a very good Wicker Man that looked just like the Physics teacher. I saw her at the end of school skipping up the corridor with it and a can of petrol, laughing hysterically (Esmeralda not the petrol). She said she wanted to show it to the physics teacher that was nice of her.  

Chip Butties for tea YUM they are vegetables so if I eat five Chip Butties then that is really healthy  WELL COOL ……………. Mum just said IDIOT that’s not fair? I still think potatoes are a vegetable myself.

I saw Zilly the Witch flying over earlier she was off to see the Banshees. Zilly is an old friend but I have never mentioned her before and there is a very good reason for that. Because when I said HELLO she said Chan e gogadh nan ceann a nì an t-iomradh ……  I know she does stuff like that, but she comes from Scotland

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