Thursday, 1 September 2011

the pretentious world of mass media and talent shows. Outsider Art and the avent garde

We appear to have accidently stumbled into the world of outsider art and the avent garde an interesting thing to happen when we have a private view at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop tonight, which is inside. It is a strange world that of the Avant Garde and its now almost forgotten origins in the tale of the mystical Avant Guard of the Avant Garden

The dog told me of a time when a princess; Princess Avant lived a strange life far away in the wild hills creating wondrous art and sculpture in her crumbling palace garden (The Avent Garden), protected by the Avant Guard in their strange uniforms. After many, many years of hard work she was final recognized as an artist of great talent receiving much fame glory and fortune. The Avant Guard prospered as they were hired to protect the many strange works of art that all the hard working artists produced hoping for their own chance at fame glory and fortune.


Then one day the pretentious new world of television discovered talent shows where much fame glory and fortune could be achieved but only for 15minutes because it did note require work or talent and the Avant Guard were no longer required because there was little or nothing to guard. They were disheartened and vanished hunting for the strange but beautiful art they use to love guarding in the old days, wandering far out into the outside world, where they remain to this day guarding those few pieces of Outsider Art in places as yet undiscovered by the pretentious world of mass media and talent shows.




  Anyway it has been a lovely sunny day and me and Mercedes have spent much of the day running about going UGGGGGH tea pot,   UGGGGGH book,  UGGGGGH tree, UGGGGGH pelicans UGGGGGH strange man with pointy horns and two missing nails.  The man with the missing nails said he misplaced them in a shop and they were accidently bought by a Russian spy who mistook them for microfilm (easily done). He also said to give Mr Beelzebub his regards for later as he can not get to the preview he has to see a man about a dog, I think the man is that Mr Pavlov his dog never does what its meant too....

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  1. Robby, how do I join the Avant-Guard? They sound like just a few and far between, but with a noble cause.