Saturday, 3 September 2011

The new head of the CIA. Travolta Syndrome commonly known as Saturday Night Fever and a blunt shape implement

Mercedes went home today back too the Great Metropolis to as she put it fight the cause. I am always very sceptical of fighting the cause, it has a habit of never quite turning out as planned and if you’re not careful you will end up fighting the cause you are fighting for; and then everyone gets confused

As with much lately, things were easier in the past because the cause were a tribe of midgets something akin to Elves or god forbid Hobbits, so fighting the cause was what happened outside the disco on Saturday night before they found an antidote for Travolta Syndrome commonly called Saturday Night Fever. Which lead to an irrational desire to attack smaller people (The cause)?

Mercedes decided we should be blood brothers, although I wish she had warned me first it was a bit of a shock to find my arm being repeatedly stabbed with my own compass set. The dog warned me once never keep a compass once the points blunt and I know why now, still we are blood brothers now and I am obliged to defend her to the end apparently, which is a worry because she likes to leap into the cages of wild animals as part of her interest in dangerous sports.

Anyway she has departed never to be seem again in book one as it will all end tomorrow in a huge anti-climax of expectations when a small ant finds a small red button saying do not press and does what we all would do and presses it.

Sorry I am late tonight we have been out to eat in a gallery with a restaurant run by Miss Elly and I have been eating Spicy Fish Kofte ….. WELL COOL. Me and dad also got involved in some DIY and so our day has been very busy. The dog is looking through the telephone directory for a good publisher sympathetic to large dogs that like maths speak Latin and are wise in the ways of martial arts. He says the Ghost Writer may be good with computers but the chance of him convincing that very nice Steven Spielberg to read my manuscript is three shades of orange, greener than a bee in a jam jar I think its an old Latin saying that has not faired well in translation like many other things. Mum was thinking of making a huge cake tomorrow but has said as its the last page she has decided to put her feet up and chill instead.

Our last Ooooo hang on thing today is we have noticed Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy has managed to clone herself many times. I bet the CIA were not expecting that to happen no wonder they need a new man in charge of it.

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