Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A very sticky dilemma, a paradox, and the job centre

Today I have been caught in a dilemma, a very sticky dilemma and because it was sticky it took all day to get out of. It was all Jims fault he insisted I lead his film crew into the woods to film the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth which we eventually found on the far side of the wood in a part of the wood I have not been in before (it’s a long way away). Then in all the dark we all fell into the dilemma.

I think The dark Creature of the Undergrowth thought it was quite amusing and the dog certainly did he was rolling about in hysterics for ages pointing at various members of Jims crew and laughing as they got deeper into it.

It was quite a large crew as we used native bearers to carry all the equipment like they used to do in the old jungle movies like Tarzan. Only in the old days the natives wore strange local costume and all looked very odd, but this is rural Mid-Wales so the natives were sort of different and were all wearing strange local costume and looked very odd AH, so it was just like the old movies then. Anyway as a result of the sticky dilemma half the bearers were lost in a bit of a paradox and will never be seen again. Much like Star Trek however they are not important members of the story and expendable. Jim says he will get more tomorrow at the unemployment exchange (now called the job centre and which paradoxically has no jobs to offer anyone) as in these hard economic times bearers are cheap and disposable. Mercedes says Jim is starting to sound just like her dad and his friends, the city bankers, which is why she became a rebellious punk and plays Billy Bragg in her bedroom very loudly.

The Ghost Writer himself has had problems and has been on a long trip too trying to sort out huge IT issues and said he had to speak to the IT guru on the end of the phone known as Sarah The Wise who knows all (well loads about IT anyway). The Ghost Writer also got caught up in the sticky dilemma because we both found that time was running out, the day vanishing as we watched it on our watches and it has been a real struggle to get back to my diary in time to write my diary. This can happen according to mum, the dog said use rollers skates but mum said the dog was an IDIOT, not really true he is very clever but sometimes he does act like a dog.  

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