Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Yuri Gagarin, Laika and the rather late rescue plan

The dog is angry today and says that it may be fifty years ago today that Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in 1961 but what the human race forget is that dogs beat man into space and no one makes a big fuss over Laika the first dog in space on 3rd November 1957.

 Who made the error of refusing to return to earth until she had a pay rise. The Russians never paid well or had the money to do so, so it was a bad move on Laika’s part. As was wondering what the big red button did so poor old Laika found herself stranded on the moon for the rest of her life on a diet of cheese and by the time the Americans had sorted out a rescue mission and sent Neil Armstrong off to the moon to get her back it was too late. Not only that but then Neil had the cheek to pinch all the glory and said he got there first. Typical astronaut they just will not give dogs the credit they deserve.

Well that’s what the dog says although mum says IDIOT, not sure if she means the dog or Laika or Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong or me. Fish have been in space a few times now too but the experiments have always gone wrong because as soon as the fish tank becomes weightless all the water floats out and fuses all the electronics so now fish have been banned from going into space altogether. Captain Flint the Parrot says there are no brazil nuts in space and therefore he thinks all the effort is a waste of money.

Finally you will be pleased to learn we no longer live in a multidimensional world and me and the dog are not going to meet ourselves now. The dog is very pleased and is off to celebrate by making a model of Laika the dog in Moon Cheese and will be sending it  to NASA, Flipper the Wood Mouse said is it alright to eat a bit of Laika’s tail but the dog growled at it.  That’s Flipper not the Moon Cheese or NASA.

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