Friday, 1 April 2011

Sorry Nothing happened today and I can not get into the Wood Mouse's Party

What an interesting day today because nothing really happened I went to school and came home and said hello to Mr Jenkins. Me and the dog had a really good think about what had happened but the dog thinks nothing happened of any note to him either so we then went and asked mum and dad.

Dad said he had downloaded the manual for a car from the internet but that does not count so dad has done nothing either and mum said she was ordering calendars and O Dear cards for Mr Beelzebub well that does not count so; so far no one has done anything or to put it another way everyone has done nothing. I did wonder if Pirate Pete had done anything but he said OOOOOOO NO WHY OOOOOO IT WASN’T ME  so even if he has done something I don’t know what it is so I cant write about it so that means I still don’t have anything to write about except nothing and I am not sure how much anyone can say about that. I even asked Captain Flint He said he had done loads of things today but it turned out to be eating loads of Brazil nuts and I had to tell him it doesn’t count either. I wish I hadn’t because he went off on one then complaining that I was belittling both parrots and eating Brazil nuts and if he was writing a diary it would mention Brazil nuts ever day. And if mine does not then he was not going to read it, Parrots cant read silly bird, not much anyway. It has still left me with the problem of having nothing to write about tonight although Flipper the Wood Mouse has just told me he made a whole in the wall of our hallway today as a new home and was having a moving in party tonight and we are all welcome. That would be fine but none of us can fit through the hole so can’t go, well that is not entirely true because the Nonobot family from under my bed are going. Anyway that is it really sorry everyone but these things happen, it is the weekend ahead so more time to do things and as I have nothing to say I will go and eat loads of food YUM.

Elaine Kerley                                    That's a lot to say about nothing!

Eighty seven thousand words and counting

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