Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Scrabble, thirty seven pence, the new desk and not going to the beach

It was seriously warm day today just like summer the Joules Verne Pocket Oracle and Prophecy Machine said it would be a while ago, it said the weather would be good early on but then it also predicted a big storm later in the year so that might be scary. It certainly was very hot at school so I was unable to think, and had to tell the teachers I was suffering from heat generated brain scramble.

Unfortunately the English teacher thought I said Scrabble and we had to play Scrabble for a whole hour and a half. I was not very popular with the rest of the pupils. And I was knocked out of the competition really early, but I did win thirty seven pence by betting on the outsider to win by a nose; his last three letters were OSE.

Dad is having to move the office in the house for various reasons, with may or may not be explained as time goes by depending on stuff happening in the next few days. So today he started to build a whole new desk with shelving and legs and things like that, in fact most of the usual things you find on a desk. He wants it finished by Saturday or Sunday so he can move everything out of the old office by the start of next week. Pirate Pete is helping but Pirate Pete has carved all the legs in the shape of pirate wooden legs. I don’t think that was dads plan.

Mum and dad have said they plan to go to the beach tomorrow as it is so sunny and warm after I go to school and take everyone along, even Flipper the Wood Mouse ………………….. Well that’s NOT FAIR. They said they would take the dog etc before the schools break up for the Easter Holidays and the beach fills up with lots of noisy children. I did say if I was very quiet could I go but they said NO I had to go to school and learn interesting things . . . . .  VERY NOT FAIR.

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