Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers day and the bugging device

Have just returned from the Mothers Day family get together, it all went very well and there was loads of yummy food and cakes. I did not leap up and down on the trampoline this time while eating so I don’t feel sick so that is WELL COOL. Anyway we are back home now and are chilling in front of the fire.

We didn’t do the traditional party games at the family get together so it was not as bouncy as normal although one or two members of the family did go and bounce on the trampoline so hopefully they are not feeling sick. When we got home Pirate Pete and the Dog were playing I Spy the dog was wearing his FBI designer dark sunglasses and reading a news paper waiting for Heavy Harry the cat to be delivered by Pirate Pete in a plain brown envelope. I think both the dog and Pirate Pete have the wrong idea about I Spy because Pirate Pete has hung a fishing net in the corner of dads workshop and is hanging from it he thinks he was playing I Spider. The dog has said it explained why he was waiting so long for him to turn up with Heavy Harry in a plain brown envelope.  Poor old Heavy Harry had been wrapped up in silk and was hanging in the corner of the fishing net. Anyway Heavy Harry has eaten and fallen asleep by the fire now so it seems he is not affected by the game of I Spy.  The dog said he has bugged Mr Jenkins house but he said he didn’t have any electronic devices to use so he has used Cockcoaches instead.  I think that might be Mrs Jenkins screaming now.  

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