Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Monty Pylons Flying Circus and a new Mountain

Mum and dad have been to a meeting tonight in the town hall all about the new pylons and the route they will take. Dad said it was all a bit of a circus because all the electricity people (I don’t think dad means they are powered by electricity) said well it has not been decided and it might be a green route or a light green or one of the other colours.

They were only there for a few hours so dad said it was a flying circus he said it was Monty Pylons Flying Circus.

That made the dog fall about laughing yet again and he kept saying we must ask Bwian because Bwian will know. Dad said they should add one more wafer thin pylon to the end and both him and the dog fell about laughing but mum said IDIOTS. Dad then said the electricity companies seem to think Monty Pylons are the holy grid and they fell about laughing again but Captain Flint the parrot said IDIOTS then.

Me and the dog have gone out exploring for the fabled Mount Gomery the legendary mountain close to the town square that is talked of on the side of old china mugs handed down through the generations in an old school ritual. This happened today in the local school although because I have accidently started my Easter Holiday on the wrong week I didn’t get one. Pirate Pete very kindly got a mug made for me but he unfortunately misspelt Mount Gomery and mine has Montgomery on it NOT FAIR.

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