Monday, 4 April 2011

Man Bits Dog and other news of no importance.

It is a funny old world, what with things going on in other parts of the world ticking away under the radar of news; or news that anyone other than a very few might want to know about.  Still we will see what we will see mum and dad say the wheels of life are turning and the will only go at the speed they will go.

Dad and the dog complain about the news in newspapers all the time and grumble that the end of the world and thousands of people dying or wars are side by side with stupid none event stories like celebrities wearing paper bags on their heads and riding unicycles while swearing at television cameras or three headed dogs eating ice cream and meringue and getting dragged off to the dog pound for questioning about multiple identities. The dog tends to read those stories and then grumbles a bit but I think he likes dog stories on the grounds that the only ones that ever make the newspapers are the ones with the headline Man Bites Dog, the dog really does moan about them and says any dog stupid enough to let a man bite him should not be allowed to make money by selling their story to the press.

The silly ghost write has been you know where today, yes the grey office really I tell him every week DON’T DO IT but no off he goes all smiles thinking everything will be just hunky dory and tickety boo and then back he comes like a zombie again. Some people are saying he is now so scrabbled he really does think he is me. We had all this last week and now he is driving about in a silly car that looks like a giant bubble car or as has been described by one person a play mobile, Still it cheered the dog up when he saw it; he fell about on his back laughing and said he better not try and bite it in case it bursts.

The ghost writer says NOT FAIR.      

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