Saturday, 9 April 2011

Late but I made it in the end

Well dad has spent almost the whole day working like a demented Looney but although the new office is not finished it is now working. There was quite a lot of swearing firstly doing all the woodwork and then getting the IT network all up and running, but things are almost done.

I think there are just too many deadlines for mum and dad and first thing Monday morning the world famous Chris the Builder is due to turn up to do some work on the house. Dad does not do cement or brickwork since he concreted his feet into the foundations of his workshop while building a wall.

Anyway it was best to leave mum and dad to it so me and the dog went to the wood as it was yet again a very hot day, lovely. We thought if mum and dad were working to deadlines it can only mean somewhere there must be some live lines. We spent ages in the wood and even saw the Dodo family, we haven’t seen them for ages not since before Jim went off to America to train animals in Hollywood. He is coming back in the summer holidays to do a new documentary in the wood, I told the Dodos’ they could be on television but they thought that was a bad move because last time they got all friendly with humans the humans ate them all. I did say it was there own fault for tasting so nice but they said NOT FAIR and ran away again.

Anyway we spent a long time looking for some live lines but with no luck then on our way home se saw a sign saying Beware Live Lines but all me and the dog saw was a protest group with signs saying no pylons. Silly people fancy not spelling Pythons correctly.

Finally I am very sorry this is so late tonight but it is dads fault

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