Saturday, 2 April 2011

Four poster beds, Mr Putin and Rastafarian dominos

One of the draw backs to sleeping in a big four poster bed with drapes and stuff is when they need to be taken off and put back again it takes ages. I know it’s not that normal to sleep in big grand four posters with drapes but mum insists; mum and dad’ as I have said before have one from the Imperial Palace in Moscow.

Not sure where my one came from but if was not Moscow and when ever I ask Mum and Dad why they were given theirs by that Mr Putin bloke they always say DON’T ASK and dad says its best if I don’t put that in my diary anyway AH I did it again I think, SORRY. We have a picture of Mr Putin hanging in our dinning room, apparently it is the only one in town, well almost because Napoleon Beelzebub has one in his Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop but I don’t think that counts because he has loads of stuff no one else has.

We are all off for a family get together tomorrow at some point for Mothers Day. Auntie Karen won’t be there because she says she will be crowd surfing while playing both the saxophone and ukulele at the same time, not many people can do that although dad had a friend who could play the piano and a guitar at the same time. Somewhere in the house we have a cassette tape of him doing that but our house has a lot of stuff in it and even the stuff has stuff in it so it could be anywhere.

As it was such a nice day me and the dog went for a walk in the woods once we got near the clearing in the middle we found all the Banshee’s practicing playing domino’s, I think mum keeps beating them and they are trying to get better at it. They play it the same way as the Rastafarians do where they crash the dominoes onto the table it is well cool to watch but a bit noisy. Me and dad don’t play domino’s any more because at Christmas Granny would always cheat so no one else could win not even Mum or Great Great Great Granddad so we stopped playing but mum likes Rastafarian dominos as it reminds her of snow ball fights?      

I have remembered to use paragraphs tonight; my proof reader says I need to use more paragraphs, but I get paragraphs and parachutes mixed up all the time. The English teacher has told me to stop taking paragraphs to school because her cupboard is now full of them and she hates heights anyway. I still have not got the hang of English yet. 

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