Monday, 11 April 2011

The film re-enactment of Being John Malkovich

I have agree to go and feed the cat over the road for a few days Little Pop who is little and to be quite frank it is hardy surprising since he is so fussy with his food I have given him four different foods to try and he is having a bite from each and them going YUK I even gave him fresh sardines but he went YUK

The dog says this is yet another prime example of the breakdown in the laws of nature and anything that fussy should become extinct. I did ask the dog if we should call the RAC man out like the ghost writer when his car breakdown, but the dog recons it’s the wrong sort of breakdown and said IDIOT. I am not sure if he means me or the cat or the RAC man.

Dad  is still swearing at DIY on the new office although it is starting to look quite good considering he never uses a ruler, spirit level or any sort of square. His master plan was to finish it today but he failed as he still has things to do. He is also swearing about wireless networks as things are not working quite as planned so our world has become multidimensional like the rest of you, jolly fun but the dog thinks he might meet himself now and does not like the thought of meeting another dog as clever as he is even if it is him, But I have told the dog we could do the film re-enactment of Being John Malkovich but the dog said O GOD and IDIOT and then decided he needed a lie down thinking about that happening. I seem to have spent most of the day going round in circles but I think that is due to the multidimensional state of our world at present, it might also explain why some schools are on their Easter Hols and some are not. We were not sure at home so we played it safe and I stayed at home it seems silly to go and wait for a bus if it doesn't turn up, I tell the little old ladies that at the bus stop sometimes but they swear at me and hit me with umbrella’s

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