Monday, 25 April 2011

Einstein and the Bonsai tree

Well we have something of a dilemma because tomorrow all the English schools go back to school, well the schools don’t but the pupils do. Only I am at a Welsh school and have another week off but I accidently started my holiday a week early on the English holiday, but if I go back to school tomorrow no one will be there. So I will have to take a few more days off.

Problem is the mum says I should do some work to keep me up to speed when I do go back to school, she says I can work on Einstein’s theory’s on time and space which mum said would be useful as the headmaster will want to know why I ended up with an extra weeks holiday. So the dog is teaching me all about Einstein and what his favourite breakfast is.
 I am not really convinced the headmaster is going to believe I have been travelling at the speed of light for two years in a circle and arrived back before I left creating a time space paradox which meant my two selves had to remain at home until I left again in order not to cause an anomaly in the fabric of the universe. I don’t think I like that excuse anyway because now I sound like Captain Kirk out of STARTREK. The dog says I should boldly make up an excuse that no pupil has made up before and has fallen about laughing. I did say I could tell the headmaster about the Einstein Cube but everyone said after all the problems with the FBI, CIA and MI6 it is best not to tell everyone you still have it in your bedroom on the top shelf next to the wireless…… AH.

I have even multitasked today working in a Linux Laptop a PC Laptop and a Networked Desktop as well  as paint a wall fed Heavy Harry the Cat at least one hundred times and pruned plants, not sure if they were the right plants to prune but they are much smaller now so that must be good? Mum has just said something about a two hundred year old Bonsai tree and has said IDIOT again.

Elaine Kerley                Love the dog and mom! You're too busy to know if you're coming or going! Lol

Paul Nessman               It sounds like you will need a holiday from your holiday

 You are both right I have been very busy doing normal things. This is very good as it does get things done that I need to do but it is far from ideal for my diary. I am only little too I don’t need all this responsibility yet most of my contemporaries are wondering about in our little town going ugg, wa, na, I'm bored, da and words like that. Apparently it is the language of youth only I don’t understand it, I feel I am not like normal youth and there is definitely something different about me. I will need to investigate soon.


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