Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter a time to watch Far From The Madding Crowd or sing Tiptoe through the fish pond

Well it’s Easter a time of Chocolate eggs and bunnies although not chocolate dogs or wood mice. Of course as mum points out it is a religious festival and as soon as the dark powers of commercial exploitation see the opportunity off they go doing their thing. Dad has just told me off for doing politics and religion.

Dad said never do politics and religion because it will ruin my block buster movie. Mum said what about All The Presidents Men but dad said they are hardly likely to go and watch a movie about the diary of a social networking eccentric, Mum said IDIOT. Flipper said what about the movie Far From the Madding Crowd. Flipper is right so no more politics, Easter Eggs YUMMY.

Because it is hot again today the dog has gone back into the goldfish pond only he has taken his snorkelling equipment and a harpoon gun and is looking for a huge legendary octopus. The goldfish keep telling him he should go and look in the lake in the park where the pirate ships are anchored  and talk to Captain Nessman in the Spyglass Inn but the dog says it’s more fun in the goldfish pond. Mum is convinced he is just winding up the goldfish. The dog has threatened to harpoon one of dads steam powered mechanical squirrels because it keeps singing Tiptoe through The Tulips just like Tiny Tim use too and although the dog said it was fine one or twice so far today he has song it forty five times. It doesn’t help that it keeps sticking its tongue out at us, I’m sure the real squirrels would have been less trouble particularly as the steam powered squirrels are still pinching all the food from the bird table anyway. Dad blames this on genetic programming because they are mechanic squirrels and don’t eat so it’s totally illogical. Mum said as someone once said if it looks like a squirrel quacks like a squirrel and floats like a squirrel then its a squirrel? I didn’t know squirrels quacked. Mum has said IDIOT again that’s not fair it was mum who said it.

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