Sunday, 10 April 2011

DIY and the huge Rubiks cube and a man from the RAC

Well an interesting day again very warm indeed I think summer is confused and has turned up at the wrong time. Dad started the day working on the new office again and moving all the electrics etc so Chris the Builder can start work tomorrow, well it was going to be tomorrow but it will be Tuesday now due to technical problems.

Dad was swearing a lot but mum threw the armadillo toaster at him on the grounds it was Sunday morning and Goths don’t swear on Sundays. But some of the pressure if off a bit now due to the delay in Chris the Builder coming. Both mum and dad had to go to Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop in the afternoon to help and do things, even the ghost writer was there. But he was having a bit a problem with that silly bubble car thing of his and had to call the RAC man to come and save him. He told us the RAC man said he was driving his car wrong and he has to drive it a bit more like a boy racer; he said if he did it would do more miles to the gallon. The ghost writer doesn’t want to drive like a boy race and thinks NOT FAIR.

Mum then had a man come into Mr Beelzebub’s shop who said he was a vegetarian by proxy and that he eats only animals that eat grass. I don’t think mum approves of that she’s vegetarian and she said you can’t be a vegetarian by proxy but the man said he thought it was a very logical idea.

Me and Pirate Pete we being useful today by dismantling the old office but dad builds things in a strange way so it is like dismantling a huge Rubiks cube only Pirate Pete doesn’t know what a Rubiks cube is and I have never been able to do one. The only thing in our favour is we were on the inside to do it, Pirate Pete was using his cutlass but I was using a screwdriver, Pirate Pete thought using a screwdriver was very silly because a cutlass if much faster. He was right but I had to keep ducking a lot, he is very enthusiastic with a cutlass.

I’m not sure all this DIY is good for my book I think we need more excitement but as you will all know diaries rely on real life even mine so we do need to send the ghost writer off abseiling and fighting lions with bear hands. The Ghost writer is saying NOT FAIR again now.

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