Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Poetry for a Beast that Flies

The perforated Pelican
Likes to eat cottage cheese and cake
And in Evolutionary terms
Is a bit of a mistake
Flying round in circles
From reasons that are just not known
And when I show folk pictures
They look at me, in a certain tone
Implying I am totally mad
From the outside of my skin
Right to the bone
But I tell them the beast is invisible
And that’s why they do not see
And I have a tame one in my garden
That likes to come and visit
For a nice cup of
Afternoon tea
Where we chat and pass the time of day
And laugh and point and joke
And the perforated Pelican
Tells me
I am a nice chap
And an unusual sort of bloke
Surely you don’t mean me
But if you do then you will see
When I set the perforated Pelican
Upon you
Or alternatively my huge
Mutant Android Bumble Bee

And yes it is invisible also



  1. I am trying to think if I have anything invisible. Maybe my deep inner desire to be permanently in South Dakota, that is hidden somewhat. Right I am trying to catch a real mouse.

    1. That was s'pposed to be "Right now I am trying to catch a mouse."

      That's funny:
      "In the past I forgot a now."

    2. It now appears your now is in the past also. But I need to ask . . . . where is the mouse now.

    3. The mouse is now at destination Unknown, which has an embedded now.

      Last night on television I saw a momma falcon knock a couple pelicans out of the sky into the surf simply because they were unknowingly too close to her nest of young ones.

    4. We get a lot of destination unknown mice. The cats like to bring them home.