Monday, 18 July 2016

Poetry for a Hot Day

Ah yes sorry I drew the wrong thing DAMN

Today Britain has been very very hot
And oozy and sweaty we have all got
And not in a nice oozy and sweaty way
Because us brits can’t cope
With this sort of day
And we all complain and loudly say
We prefer it cold with some nice cool rain
But when that happens we then complain
Because when it comes to weather
Us brits are quite insane
And never ever happy
And tell all
That British weather
Is indeed a pain
I mean no one likes
Rain Heat Mist and Snow
And on that point
It is time to go

It is getting late
And there is a bit
Of a chill in the air
Not that folk
Really care

And I have now got moths in the Kitchen



  1. If the moths are a mistake, it is Moth Errors Day, hahahahahahahahaha.

    1. Oh, look, I made wide spaces hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    2. It is trying to completely justify hahahahahahahahahaha

    3. 1 2 hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    4. Did you see that? I only put a single space between the 1 and 2 then a space then the really long hahaha

    5. Sorry Mr ESB I need to write more posts, to distract you from going mad. It has been very hot here 31C which over here is very hot and I have not been able to do things all that well. It makes it hard to create arty things as I am hot and sticky-ish, and it is hard to write poetry because my mind is not working well. I have also been trying to sort a few other things out too. But I will get back into the general flow in the end. I have several pictures worked out in my head and an exhibition now booked for the 8th December so will need to be focused. . . . One serious weakness I have is I dont really focus on stuff I flit about from thing to thing. This is OK as long as I can get it all in a picture frame to hang on a wall in an exhibition.

    6. "... from going mad" hahahahahahaha

    7. In Britain we like to say eccentric, although it is complex because you can not be eccentric if you think you are eccentric . . . . like in Catch 22