Saturday, 3 January 2015

Rob Z Nostradamus. The Predictions of 2015 . . .

What would be a good way to start a new post in the New Year, well I think the best thing I could possibly do is to give you all some predictions for the year ahead. That bloke Nostradamus was a bit of a one for doing this and it never did him any harm. Well I say never there was the one incident when he did not see that large bus coming and it did sort of kill him.  

So I will firstly predict the news that the election on the 7th May here it Britain is going to be long and very boring, because all the politicians and various media think it is very exciting. It will not be. The Liberal Democrats will loss all but 1 or 2 seats if they are lucky and it will all end in a huge muddle with the Scottish National Party and UKIP winning enough seats between them to stop either the Labour or conservatives forming a government. Which in turn brings about a shock coalition between Labour and the Conservatives for what they call, a short term government of convenience.  And confusing the masses who finally realise that you just can’t get rid of those dodgy old establishment politicians even if you don’t vote for them.

The next prediction is the sudden death of the Queen which if nothing else will take the mind of the masses off the endless bickering of politicians. However after four days of solemn music and royal life and death stories on the tele and radio some folk start demanding the return of Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing saying it is rather depressing on the tele and hey folk die.

I was planning to predict other shock horror royal stories but it may be too late now so we will ignore the other stuff.

I am predicting a heat wave this summer, but followed by heavy rain and storms in September and October that will cause problems on the railways. Yes I can see a mass rush to the seaside this summer as the sun shines for weeks on end leading to hosepipe bans and fighting in queues to buy ice cream.

Yet another well known high street shop will bite the dust claiming that it has lost out to online shopping and an unpredicted heat wave. . . (sorry but I have predicted that so no excuses).

Man will not get to Mars.

President Putin will shock the world with news that will see him wearing a large pink wig and singing Karaoke in a dodgy bar in a large naval Black Sea Port. However it will turn out to be a hoax and President Putin will look even more angry than normal at the following G20 meeting as other leaders snigger a bit.

I am also predicting world peace . . . . . .  OK I am lying I am not predicting world peace in fact I predict that the Middle East will become even more unstable and lead to further political turmoil between the East and West. Not helped by the pink wig incident.

China will go into a deep recession causing infighting among its political elite, although it will all look the same to us ordinary folk over here.

Another well known celebrity will fall from grace as their terrible habits are revealed to an unbelieving public.

The next International Environmental Summit will end in failure, but we be told that some issues have been dealt with.

The life of seagulls will not change. . . . much.


  1. I got a solar powered "Dancing Queen" for Xmas and fear this may be some kind of omen for Dear old Liz, so you may be on to something with that.

    If the rest of the world isn't going to take itself seriously we are going to be heading for a lot of silly looking news readers holding packets of paper, telling us not to bother getting out of bed today because it's simply not worth the effort.... that's going to be my excuse anyway! hahaha
    Good luck with 2015!

    1. I have researched the solar powered "Dancing Queen" and all I can say is it makes me think of the old saying. . . . There is nothing new under the sun. . . . .

      I cant help but think news readers love a bit of disaster, the introduction of 24 hour news channels means they swarm over a gory disaster like locusts on a fresh field of spring greens. Smiling with glee as they tell us of the impending doom and futility of it all. Which reminds me I must feed the cats.

  2. Hey Rob,

    I think your predictions are closer to the truth than you might have realised. David Cameron will be flung in jail for crimes against humanity. Iain Duncan Smith will be flogged in the market square. Nick Clegg will not win in his own constituency, The Queen will die and then come back to life a couple of days later.

    Seagulls will rule the world and really piss off cats.

    A somewhat belated peaceful New Year's wish to you.

    Gary :)

    1. I think there is a certain amount of wishful thinking there Mr G, but you cant break the established system. One has to wait until the established system breaks itself and I feel that is some way of yet.

      If the Queen does come back to life a couple of days later Charlie will be a bit annoyed, I can see her doing that though just so he cant be king.

      Seagulls are wondrous beasts and I bet they will rule the world one day which I quite agree will annoy many cats.

      A Happy New Year to you Mr G and of course the famous internet star Penny the Dog

  3. It'd be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true. Politicians, it seems, are same the world over:)

    Have a very happy 2015.

    1. Politicians are in general the same the world over. Sadly humans do not tend to do the right thing when given power over their fellow man. And the small number who might, tend not to get into a position of power or find if they do that they are a lone voice and are unable to do the right thing anyway.

      Have a great year Neer and keep that blog of your ticking along.

  4. I thought bout world peace and death just now from a math perspective. When people die it is a fairly instantaneous act, one moment you are alive, the next you aren't. So even with billions of people and maybe 1.5 percent of them dying each year, there are probably several millisecond and microsecond periods of time, that, when added together form a substantial amount of time when there is no violent death, a smaLLer portion of human death, occuring. A world peace by the pieceful.

    As far as man reaching Mars, there is a candy bar company named Mars that seLLs quite a few candy bars and people usuaLLy have to reach for the bag of candy off the store shelf when purchasing Mars products. But there are occasions when the unthinkable happens, when Mars actuaLLy comes to people! When children go trick or treating they open sacks up and people throw candy at them.

    I am sure that aLL your other predictions wiLL come true, and I wiLL assist you as best I can in trying to make sure it happens.

    1. Mars Bars are an old British tradition going back to a time when I was but knee high to a tiny thing and even beyond that. . . . A Mars a day helps you Work Rest and Play. . . . as were were constantly told on commercial television.

      Death is a very strange thing, my wife has had a couple of so called near death experiences. My conclusions from all this is that there is that something very very strange happens at the point of death and that there is a good chance that there is some sort of existence beyond physical death. But not the floating about on clouds with wings option as it is far to simplistic for what is probably a multi-dimensional universe. . .