Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The OS map, The African Queen and X marks the spot (John)

It was grey again today I didn’t even see a squirrel, probably because the grey squirrels have now totally blended into the sky rather than finally decided to hibernate, although I wouldn’t blame them if they have hibernated . So what happened today well to tell the truth it was yet another day when very little happened? It is the time of year and the weather, and a lack of heat and light and other things.

I quite fancy getting outside and doing interesting things, Me and the dog still have The Fabled Minor Stream if Inconsequence to explore on our home made steam boat which we have named The African Queen because dad has carved a figurehead for it of Burt Lancaster. Yes we all know even dad knows but he said Burt Lancaster is much easier to carve because of the patch over the one eye and the plastic surgery enabling him to guest appear in Robocop as one of those blobby things (NO not Mr Blobby).   

The Fabled Minor Stream if Inconsequence is at least three inches deeper than it was when we moved here but then if has rained a lot so the African Queen will sail down it well good

I have been checking last years diary interestingly enough it shows an interesting trend in as much as the first weeks of January are remarkable uninteresting. I even checked in one of my new gardening books which said don’t worry there is nothing to do, although if you want to dig a huge deep hole; now is a good time of year. Yes OK but I don’t.

Mum and dad did buy the OS map for the area that has our house on it today, although the first map they were given turned out to have someone’s walking route all highlighted along with their stops and a big X saying John next to it. They really did not fancy finding out if John was still at point X, so they asked for a new map, me and the dog said we would have looked for John, but they said just in case he was a decomposing body and knowing me and the dog would bring him home for tea, they thought it best if we don’t know where he is NOT FAIR. 

Yes OK sorry Bloggers I have returned to Dynamic View again for a while but i also have a new blog THE PICTURES OF ROB Z TOBOR it is very new so will take time to get its act together

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