Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Poetry about Witches and a Gnome

There are witches
In the woods they say
That run about Naked
Both night and day
But I'm not convinced
This is entirely true
As there are insects
That bite
And in the cold of winter
The witches would
Turn blue
Although in the summer
It might make more sense
But even then
The undergrowth can be Spiky
And very dense
But being witches I guess
They can always cast a spell
So even dancing naked
Can end sort of well
With just a few scratches
From their faithful cats
But I bet even then
On their heads
They keep their hats . . . (The Witches not the Cats)
But one thing I know
Is you would never catch me
Running naked in a wood
As folk would snigger
If they could
I am sensible and confine
Such activity
To the privacy of
My stately home
Where I can
Run about naked
With my mate

The Garden Gnome


  1. I have gnever seen a gnaked gnome,
    You should get one too for your home.
    Then invite witches to dance,
    In a sticker free safe zone without their pants.
    A life without a mess of stress
    Accomplished with less dress
    But the witches could cause some strife
    If they gnowingly bring the gnaked gnome to life.

    1. I felt fortunate to be on your web site when the counter had 205052.

    2. Love the poem Mr ESB. the world is a better place with more poetry and less war.

      Glad you arrived at an interesting counter number you are one of the few visitors who would appreciate such a thing.

  2. I didn't know witches ran around naked in woods. I guess I'll be prepared if ever I see one!

    1. Miss Laura English witches were well know to run about naked in woods. Although it is possible that it was more common in the past than it is now, what with everyone owning smart phones and uploading stuff to Youtube. I dont think witches would appreciate appearing on Youtube naked.