Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Strange World of Professor Vatis Brexit . . . A Poem

The strange world of Professor Vatis Brexit
Is full of in’s and outs
Where people Stay 
And people Leave
And some just sort of sway 
It’s a land were leaders shout I’m in charge
But are chased by lots of other folk
Who reply very loudly No you’re not
And then throw them off Big Ben just for a joke
And others shout I am right
And you are quite plainly wrong
Where Icelandic folk
For reasons not known
Sing a happy happy song
Of course Professor Vatis Brexit watches bemused
As turmoil continues day after day.
Looking up from his desk
Winking at his colleague Professor Britstay
And saying
These British are as mad as a box of Frogs
In an Eccentric British
Sort of



  1. I have had to work in too much sun and heat lately that I am ready to be busy indoors, and now we have the sadness of the massive trainwreck just to the south of us.

    1. I have not heard the news about the train, Britain is a one news story nation at present.

    2. I have now read about the train wreck, it sounds like a signalling error.